Plan to Spend Time in New PlanIndy Site

Takeaways from the transportation layers on the new PlanIndy site


Pacers Bikeshare Expansion

Yesterday, Indianapolis leaders announced an expansion of the popular Pacers bikeshare system. Planned to double both the number of bikes … More

Mass Ave, continued

The Mass Ave series continues today with insight on the blocks between East and College -one of the most walkable … More

Mass Ave: the key block

Block of Mass between Michigan and North: Today’s post (the third post in the Mass Ave rejuvenation series) focuses on a block many see as … More

Just one more look…

Out of superlatives for this one…although we posted a link to it a couple days ago, it felt worthy of … More

Mass Ave, continued.

Davlan Park – Located in Davlan Park, The Art Bäks is a pop-up art gallery inside a shipping container. The grand opening was … More